Chotto x Arcade

Led by Kurt Zdesar, top restaurateur behind international brand Chotto Matte, comes Chotto - a new adaptation of the global restaurant concept bringing a more casual but equally bold and authentic taste of Nikkei cuisine. Self-described as the ‘rebellious younger sister’ of Chotto Matte, the Chotto team also brings its Nikkei cuisine to a global audience through its existing locations in London, Toronto, Miami and St. Tropez. Available at Arcade for the first time, Chotto is a hybrid of sophistication and underground influences that gives even more people a chance to enjoy the team’s quality, creative dishes.

The Japanese community in Peru has made a significant cultural impact on the country since they first began to immigrate in the late 19th century. One of the most significant manifestations of Japanese influence is Nikkei, a Japanese-Peruvian fusion cuisine quickly gaining an international culinary reputation. The particular roots of this fusion lie in the importance both traditions give to fresh fish, as Japanese sushi, encouraged by Peru’s thriving fishing industry, mixes perfectly with the ceviche which is at the centre of many Peruvian menus. Nikkei cuisine is all about quality, ingredients and flavours – all of which are present on Chotto’s menu that includes a sea bass ceviche, Nikkei Dressed Sushi of tuna, sea bass, salmon, yellowtail yuzu truffle, turbot schichimi and aubergine miso and the Nikkei Braised Beef – a Chotto specialty with smoked purple potato mash and teriyaki jus.