Casita do Frango x Arcade

A new project from the team behind Casa do Frango, the hugely successful Algarvian restaurant in London Bridge, Casita do Frango is the affectionately diminutive outpost – with the same bold flavours – now taking residency at Arcade. Casita do Frango specializes in regional Algarvian-style piri piri chicken “frango” cooked over wood charcoal using traditional Portuguese techniques. 

The menus at both Casa and Casita do Frango have been inspired by the travels of two friends, co-founders Marco Mendes and Jake Kasumov, who spent time together in the South of Portugal and decided to bring authentic wood-charcoal grilled Piri Piri chicken back to London upon their return.

“We take the Algarvian art of grilling wood charcoal Piri Piri Chicken very seriously. All chickens are cooked from raw over real charcoal, we never sous-vide the Chicken, and the results speak for themselves. The chickens are all higher welfare, free roaming birds from local farms, weighing a kilo or just under – reverse spatchcocked before being grilled evenly for 20-25 minutes and then brushed with our special Piri Piri glaze.” – Marco Mendes 

The charcoal-fired grill is the focus of Casita do Frango’s open-plan kitchen at Arcade. Alongside the signature Frango dish, their menu showcases seasonal salads, Portuguese hand-cut ‘Batatas Fritas’ and ‘Pastel de Nata’, a traditional Portuguese custard tart.